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A few Tips for Clash Royale Gold


Gold is the main currency used in the game of Clash Royale and it is used to purchase cards, upgrade cards, and create a “clan”. It is strongly advised to start saving gold as soon as possible, because, for instance it can cost a fourth of a million gold to get a “Legendary” card to their final and most valuable form.  Collecting gold may be the advantage you need over your competitors.Chests always contain gold, so it is only logical to get as many chests as possible. The amount of gold inside any given chest will vary. A player can only hold onto 1,000,000 of gold at any given time.Donating cards is also another way to accumulate more gold. Each common card is worth 5 GOLD and rare cards that are donated offer a larger bounty. You can only donate 60 cards a day in Clash Royale Cheats, but by taking advantage of this donation strategy, it would be possible to earn between 2,000 and 4,000 gold daily.